First Bulletin Board for Spring 18′

IMG_3869Starting the Spring 18′ semester with a “Meet Your RA” bulletin board, that consist of pictures and words that explain who I am. #APlaceToBelong


Katie’s Garden


Volunteered at Katie’s garden today, and even though residents didn’t show because it was too early, my residents could learn to give back to the community by mulching and help planting flowers. A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. Reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area. #Environmental

De-Stress Event


Many of the residents enjoyed the De-Stressing night. Morgan, Zak, and I created dirt cups, filled balloons with flour or rice as a way of creating a stress-ball, and listened to classical music. The residents relaxed and cleared their mind before finals. When we’re stressed out, our bodies tense up and we physically clench. The stress ball prompts you to squeeze and release, which can leave you feeling less tense than you started. Classical music is known for helping with anxiety before tests or quizzes, as well as helping with high blood pressure. The dirt cups were just a delicious treat to enjoy while listening to music and de-stressing. We also had Jason Artz come by and show us some cool ways to de-stress. #Health #Knowledge

Mental Health is Serious


Not only is taking care of your body important, but taking care of your mind is important as well. My residents will realize that it is okay to seek help if you’re not feeling healthy, mentally as well as physically. I listed a ton of disorders that people suffer from, and also mentioned the importance of mental and physical health. You have to do all you can to overcome the downfalls. #Health #Emotional

Temple Grandin Lecture


IMG_4809Xiole(Alice), the other scholars, and I got to witness Temple Grandin explain the different ways people think, socialize, and interact with the outside world. She went on to talk about her battle with autism, and how anyone could survive in this world with a disability. As a kid, she was exposed to work, and she enforces that it is critical that people get work experience, because if we don’t work we’ll never figure out what we like and what we dislike. She said that she liked the distinguished lecturer, and she said that it was difficult to see the projector that Temple Grandin used for her pictures, as well as it was hard for to interpret what Ms. Grandin was saying because of the language barrier. But, overall Alice said that its a good thing that she helps animals and she also has a small interest in animals. Alice went on to tell me that there are a lot of autistic people in China as well. #Knowledge #Social

Arabic Name Door Decs


So, I thought it would be a great idea for my residents to learn a different language, and what’s better than actually knowing your name in a different language? I chose Arabic as the foreign language to for the door dec. Foreign languages provide a competitive edge in career choices: one is able to communicate in a second language. Foreign language study enhances listening skills and memory. Language is intrinsic to the expression of culture. As a means of communicating values, beliefs and customs, it has an important social function and fosters feelings of group identity and solidarity. It is the means by which culture and its traditions and shared values may be conveyed and preserved

Earth Day


My residents should know the importance of Earth Day and why we should continue to protect the environment. My residents will realize how much the earth is truly important and how the human species needs food and water. So we need to protect the ecosystem that make survival of our species possible. #Environmental

FNC: Taste The World


Last Friday, my team and I prepared the best FNC ever! We visited all the continents from around the world, while trying their different dishes and learning different cultures. Many residents enjoyed Taste the world, and would love to see it again. Our FNC, allowed residents to experience what it may be like to live in a foreign country and how the food and culture would be like. #DiversityInclusion