When would be a good time to visit the Pioneer Farm?

pioneer farm

An Ag Ambassador would be leading the tour, and they last around an hour. Please let me know if you would be bringing anyone along with you in a comment or in the “other” section. I will need an accurate count of people for the tour! If the time is right, we could go out for lunch or dinner as a wing after or before! Check all the times you would be available! Click Read More for times.

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Peterson Farm Bros


As you may have seen around the building last week, The Peterson Farm Bros were here at Platteville to help kick off Homecoming. Greg was the only Farm Bro that was at Platteville, since the others are in school still. Greg gives about 90 presentations a year, following their viral hits on YouTube! Check some of them out here! You may have heard their first song I’m Farming and I Grow It, but they have so many others!

YouTube is not the only thing these awesome guys do though. They have always been passionate about educating the world about farming practices. Greg talked about their success with YouTube, but he also talked about all of the nasty comments they got on their videos from people who knew nothing about the way that farms actually worked. He and his family have made it a point to be open with the things they do by writing blogs, making videos, and giving talks and tours of their farm about the way that farming technologies work.

A big take away from the talk was that people should talk about their stories with farming. People can watch all the videos that they want, but human connection really makes people understand things better. Talking with the people in the industry is one of the best way for the public to be educated. So if you are from a farm, work on your grandparent’s farm every summer, or are majoring in agriculture, share your story! You can make a difference just like The Peterson Farm Bros do.

National Coming Out Day Informational Email

Hello Everyone!

Be sure to check your email for some information on National Coming Out Day. There you will also find an interesting article to read, and an open invitation to chat with me any time about any LGBTQ+ topic. Please do not hesitate to let me know any of your questions, comments, or concerns.

The Genderbread Person

To help people understand what Coming Out Day on October 11th could mean, Jason and I put up The Genderbread Person. This board, adapted from “It’s Pronounced Metrosexual” explains the difference between gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and romantic and sexual attraction. The interactive side lets you express your identity, and the comment section lets you help us make this board more inclusive. Make sure to stop by to add your pins and comments!

Question of the Week(ish)


Be sure to check out my white board for a question of the week (or every couple of days)! Hopefully you can see that others on the wing have some of the same interests as you and feel like more of a community! Check back often so you can see what others think, and so that you catch the next question!

4H and FFA Door Decs


No one will be able to forget where they live with their very first door decs (of the year)! On first floor, we decided to let everyone know about the similarities and differences between the two organizations! Check out our wing for the 4H theme and 1E for the FFA theme! Southwest’s opening theme is State Fair, and since 4H and FFA are a huge part of the State Fair, Jason and I thought it would be a great idea to help people learn more about these wonderful organizations.

Letter Scramble


Take a look around the wing to find a message on little clovers. Find all 20 letters and then unscramble the message for a semi-valuable prize! Tell me in person, or send me an email with what you think the message. Please don’t write it on my white board so others have a chance to play too.