About Me

Hello, 1 West!

My name is Sierra Mullen, I will be your RA on 1 West in  Southwest Hall.

RA Professional Photo

RA Professional Photo

I am a Psychology major and I have a minor in Sociology and an emphasis in Human Services. I have a twin sister named Sydney and 3 younger brothers named Cole, Aiden, and Killian. Besides being an RA, I am also a Certified Peer Educator and I work with the PEERS group through the Dean of Students Office. During the summer, when I’m not here in Platteville, I am working at Noodles and Company in Janesville, WI as a server, cashier, and cook.

I have many interests and hobbies. I love to paint canvases and ceramics, I am currently working on painting some decorations for my room, so you can come over and check them out whenever you want. I also knit; I am currently working on making a scarf that is Platteville Colors so I am ready for the football games when it gets cold outside. I am very passionate about civil rights, I hope to one day volunteer at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee. I am planning on taking a trip to Tennessee this winter break to visit the museum again. The picture below is of me in front of the door of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s motel room. I had the great honor to be part of one of the last groups that were permitted to walk the balcony on which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.


Loretta Motel

I very much enjoy being outdoors and my favorite outdoor activity is hammocking whenever I get the chance. I can be found napping under trees all across campus when the weather is nice (or not so nice). If you are interested in finding  new hobby, I can show you some of the best spots around campus to “hang out”.



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