About Me


Hello and welcome to 1W of Southwest Hall! My name is Holly Regan, and I will be the 1W RA this year. This is my third year with the Department of Residence Life, but my first year in Southwest Hall. I am a Civil Engineering major with an Environmental Engineering emphasis, and enjoy being outside or watching movies. I also work at the Markee Pioneer Student Center as a Markee Manager, so you may recognize me from around campus. I am so excited to be here in Southwest this year, and I hope we will have a wonderful time together!

I know you are all busy, and I am too! My schedule is below so you can see where you might find me throughout the day. Please feel free to look at my Outlook Calendar as well. If you need to talk to me and would like it to be a little more private than stopping by when my door is open, don’t hesitate to send me a calendar request!