Finals Week Stress Relief

On the wall, you’ll find some bubble wrap in case you need to hear something pop! Finals week can be stressful and hopefully a couple pops of the bubble wrap can help you feel at least a little bit better. Please be respectful of quiet hours, but I’m sure people will understand if you pop one on your way to a big exam. There are also stress balls free for the taking! Good luck on finals!



Finals Week Study Tips


Monster’s University know’s how to get through finals week. Make sure you are taking time for yourself and making sure that you get the time you need to study. Finals week is so important, but remember that it does not define what you accomplished this semester.

I Mustache You a Question


What should I do about my hair down there? Check out this board for some tips and tricks of grooming your pubic hair. Why should you? Why shouldn’t you? There are lots of reasons to think about it a little harder than just going with the flow.

Luggage Tags


As most of us start packing up to go home for the semester, some of us are moving on to a new chapter, while others will be returning to school in the new year. These tags wish you well in many different languages.

Warm Up with Some Fresh Bread


Dr. Yari Johnson came and talked tonight about how to make fresh bread. Not only is it economical, but when people smell fresh bread baking, endorphins are released. He taught us that even when you think you’ve messed up your bread, it can still come out alright if you slather it in butter. Thank you so much to Dr. Johnson for coming to Southwest Hall, and thank you to everyone who came down to make some fresh bread! I hope you all enjoyed the experience as much as I did.

Life After Graduation


Every Wednesday in November, Southwest Hall’s Facebook Page had a post about your life after graduation. From budgets to grad school, we talked about it all. With so many of Southwest Hall’s students graduating each semester, it seemed like it would be a good addition to the page. Only a couple weeks to go before our graduates are off to their post-grad lives. I hope these posts helped you learn a little bit about yourselves and what you can do to prepare for graduation. Good luck!