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This page is dedicated to sharing videos that are topically relevant each week or videos that are just funny or amusing. If you have any suggestions for videos that should be featured, please let me know. Some of these videos use some strong language, consider yourselves warned.

04-09-2017- This week, I have decided that our featured video should be about motivation. The end of the semester is coming up soon and I know that I have been lacking in the motivation department lately. I hope this video inspires you all to stay motivated for the rest of the semester. You can do it!

04-02-2017- April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. With that, I have included this video for you all to learn a little bit more about consent. Also, be sure to check out all of the awesome programs that are being put on across campus to bring awareness to Sexaual Assault Awareness Month.

03-26-2017- This week, I have decided to share a funny video with you all. This one is a part of a very interesting Buzzfeed series on Youtube where people try similar foods on three different price points to find what is the most “worth it”. This episode is about Korean barbecue, I hope you learn a little something about food and culture in Korea. I strongly suggest that you check out the rest of the series, it is very interesting.

03-19-2017- Welcome back 1 West, I hope you all had a fun and safe spring break. During this break, we had St. Patrick’s Day. I have included this video about the history of St. Patrick’s Day. I hope you learn something!

03-12-2017- Tardigrades are the world’s cutest extremophile, they can live in the most extreme of conditions. I have attached this video so you all can learn a bit about these cute creatures.

03-05-2017- This video is all about the science of happiness and how it increases a person’s happiness if they express gratitude to people they appreciate. If you are having a down day, let someone know that you appreciate them, it will help you just as much as it helps them.

02-26-2017- This week’s featured video is a funny one about a topic that has been very popular lately: conspiracy theories. I hope you enjoy.

02-19-2017- This week there will be a bystander intervention workshop on campus. If you are not able to attend, here is a video that you can use to get the general idea of what bystander intervention is all about.

02-12-2017- Valentines Day is this week, so I am featuring a video about healthy relationships and the skills required to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

02-05-2017- The career fair is this week, so I am featuring a video about tips for career fairs and job interviews. I hope this helps you all out this week.

01-29-2017- This week’s featured video is all about food waste as it is a huge epidemic in our society. If you want to do something about food waste, we will be participating in the campus-wide composting program this year. Instead of wasting your food, you can compost it and turn it into a nutrient-rich soil additive to grow healthy fruits and vegetables right here on campus.

01-22-2017- Welcome back to 1 West, Friends. With the semester starting off, I figured you would like to see some cute puppies and kittens. The beginning of a semester can be pretty stressful, so these cute animals should be able to cheer you up.


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