Get Out, Do More!


My “Get Out, Do More!” wall post consist of many activities that residents can do sine the weather is clearing up. Go out and see a movie, hike the “M,” or go and get BerryYo. I even posted two maps, so they will know exactly where they’re going. #APlaceToBelong


Pizza and Study Night

IMG_4218.jpgWhat an eventful night! My first program as an RA was a success. The residents enjoyed pizza and studied/did homework. Many residents got a lot of homework done and enjoyed home-made pizza bagels. #APlacetoBelong

Door Decs.

Posted door decs. for the residents to get the feeling of home. I believe creating door decs.  invites freshness into suite along with renewed feelings is best possible with words. Decorate the front door with a named jerseys with make the residents feel happy and welcomed. A healthy atmosphere will soon exist. #APlaceToBelong

Cake Walk

Image result for cake walk

Southwest’s Annual Cake Walk was a huge success, and I was so glad to see some 1W members win some baked goods! What an awesome time with friends, music, and goodies it was. There were other activities there as well, that nearly guaranteed you a smaller baked item while you waited for the line for the Cake Walk. We raised a pretty penny for the Grant County Humane Society, and also for Southwest Hall. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and donated baked goods!

Southwest Hall Facebook Page

facebook-earnings_largeHave you checked out Southwest Hall’s Facebook page? If not go here to see what is going on around the building. Many events, need-to-knows, and interesting tidbits are posted on the Facebook page. If you are looking for a way to get more engaged in the Southwest Hall community, there is no better place to look. So what are you waiting for?!