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Community Calendar

I hope the calendar in the hallway has been helpful for you all during this semester. This calendar is just a place for all publicity to go so you all can have a good idea of what is going on in our community. If you know of any programs going on outside of the building that you would like me to put up publicity for, let me know.

Popsicle Door Decs

Well, the weather is finally heating up around here. With summer quickly approaching, I have made these door decsĀ in the shape of popsicles. I hope they help to brighten up your doors and make you feel more at home here.

Golden Snitch and Broomstick Door Decs

Welcome back friends, I hope you all had a fun and safe winter break.  I want to draw your attention to the new door decs around the wing. I have made half of you door decs of a golden snitch from Harry Potter and half of you have a door decs of a broom that the students of Hogwarts use to fly around and play quittich.

Hall Decs

I hope you all have enjoyed our new hall decorations that really bring together our wing theme of “Harry Potter”. I have made a sorting hat, a dementor, a Knight Bus, and a birthday wall to help Dobby the house elf. There are also some helpful arrows to help you find your way around the Magical World of 1 West

Holiday Tree Decorating

Hey friends,

I hope you all have seen the holiday tree on our wing. I ask you all to take just a minute and grab an “ornament” from the wall next to the tree. My goal is that each and every one of you is able to decorate an ornament to hang  on the tree to add to the beauty of your wing community. If you would like, you can also add your favorite holiday memory on the ornament as well.


Hey all, by now, you have most likely noticed the huge calendar that is set up by the elevator bay. I have put up this calendar so you all can be made aware of the different programs that are going on in the hall this month. This hall is your home after all, so it is important to know what is going on in your home.

Sheep Door Decs

I hope you all enjoy your new sheep door decorations. Be on the lookout for the matching bulletin board about napping.

Wall Decorations

We found Nemo and Dory and now you can find them too. They are both on the walls of our hallway. I hope that they can make this wing feel more like home to you.





Places to go in Platteville

Do you ever find yourself wanting to leave campus to venture into the town of Platteville? Well I have the bulletin board for you! Come to the 1st floor elevator bay to check out some awesome places to go in our wonderful town. I hope this helps you to make Platteville feel like home!

Finding Nemo Door Decs

Hello friends,

Welcome to 1 West Southwest Hall. I have put up some door decorations to make your doors look a little happier. Each door dec has a different character from Finding Nemo on it. They are perfect to go with our first semester wing theme of Finding Nemo/Finding Dory.