Taste of the World

I want to thank everyone who were able to come to our hall’s Taste of the World program tonight! It was an amazing opportunity to experience many different cultures from around the world. I hope you enjoyed the Colombian arepas on first floor, burgers and guac on second, meat pies on third, on fourth, on fifth, and on sixth. Every RA in the building worked so hard to make this program a success for you all.


Gender Revolution Screening

Thank you to everyone who came with me to the viewing of Gender Revolution. It was very insightful to see the different genders that different people identify with. I really hope you all learned something about gender identity that you didn’t know before watching this film.

Veteran’s Day Door Decs

Hello friends, so Veteran’s Day is this Friday. I hope you enjoy your new door decs that are┬áVeteran’s Day ribbons. I encourage you to think about why we celebrate this day whenever you see your door decs. Many people of various ages/ethnicities/genders have fought and are currently fighting for our freedom, take time to think about this as well. I also have a program coming up on Friday where you can show your support for veterans.