Mental Health is Serious


Not only is taking care of your body important, but taking care of your mind is important as well. My residents will realize that it is okay to seek help if you’re not feeling healthy, mentally as well as physically. I listed a ton of disorders that people suffer from, and also mentioned the importance of mental and physical health. You have to do all you can to overcome the downfalls. #Health #Emotional


Autism Speaks…Its time to Listen


Jason Roth and I, made a board about Autism to make it known that is it the month that we honor people who suffer from Autism. We listed facts and tips on Autism. My residents can realize what people with autism have to go through on a day-to-day basis. We even have a pen, for people who have suggestions for people who suffer from autism. #Emotional

Sexual Assault Board


Stating facts about sexual assault and rape experience on campuses, my residents can understand how serious and critical it is how many men and women are sexually assaulted on campuses every year. #Knowledge

February is for Love.


Relationship tips on how to actually love someone properly, as well as taking time for yourself to be emotionally available. It was also to allow my residents to get the feel of how to deal with the stress of long distance. #Emotional.

Finals Week Stress Relief

On the wall, you’ll find some bubble wrap in case you need to hear something pop! Finals week can be stressful and hopefully a couple pops of the bubble wrap can help you feel at least a little bit better. Please be respectful of quiet hours, but I’m sure people will understand if you pop one on your way to a big exam. There are also stress balls free for the taking! Good luck on finals!


Thanksgiving Door Decs


New door decs are up! Write what you are thankful for on the blank so we can all appreciate the holidays together. Please keep it genuine and appropriate. What would you tell your Grandma you’re thankful for this holiday season?