Where Does Your Waste Go?


As you think about where your things will be headed as you clean for the new year, consider that throwing things away may not be the best option. Check out the “Ditch the Dumpster” initiative on campus, consider donating gently used items, recycling, and composting the food that you don’t want to take home.


The Great Egg Hunt

Rumor has it that there was a bit of bunny related mischief afoot last night. There are 600 eggs littered around Southwest Hall. Many of them are filled with candy while some of them have some facts about recycling. Be on the lookout for a very special egg that is your key to win a prize basket behind our front desk! If you love searching for eggs and playing games, you can join me at Brockert Hall at 5:00pm tonight to participate in their annual Egg Fest.

Insect Thanksgiving

Hey friends,

Thank you to all of you who came to Insect Thanksgiving with me. We got to try many different dishes made with Insects. Eating insects is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint by eating lower on the food chain.