De-Stress Event


Many of the residents enjoyed the De-Stressing night. Morgan, Zak, and I created dirt cups, filled balloons with flour or rice as a way of creating a stress-ball, and listened to classical music. The residents relaxed and cleared their mind before finals. When we’re stressed out, our bodies tense up and we physically clench. The stress ball¬†prompts you to squeeze and release, which can leave you feeling less tense than you started. Classical music is known for helping with anxiety before tests or quizzes, as well as helping with high blood pressure. The dirt cups were just a delicious treat to enjoy while listening to music and de-stressing. We also had Jason Artz come by and show us some cool ways to de-stress. #Health #Knowledge


Temple Grandin Lecture


IMG_4809Xiole(Alice), the other scholars, and I got to witness Temple Grandin explain the different ways people think, socialize, and interact with the outside world. She went on to talk about her battle with autism, and how anyone could survive in this world with a disability. As a kid, she was exposed to work, and she enforces that it is critical that people get work experience, because if we don’t work we’ll never figure out what we like and what we dislike. She said that she¬†liked the distinguished lecturer, and she said that it was difficult to see the projector that Temple Grandin used for her pictures, as well as it was hard for to interpret what Ms. Grandin was saying because of the language barrier. But, overall Alice said that its a good thing that she helps animals and she also has a small interest in animals. Alice went on to tell me that there are a lot of autistic people in China as well. #Knowledge #Social

Sexual Assault Board


Stating facts about sexual assault and rape experience on campuses, my residents can understand how serious and critical it is how many men and women are sexually assaulted on campuses every year. #Knowledge

Get Out, Do More!


My “Get Out, Do More!” wall post consist of many activities that residents can do sine the weather is clearing up. Go out and see a movie, hike the “M,” or go and get BerryYo. I even posted two maps, so they will know exactly where they’re going. #APlaceToBelong

The Month of February

IMG_3889Jason Roth and I came up with this knowledgable board of what goes on in the month of February. My residents can acknowledge how many events and awarenesses are celebrated in the month of February. #Knowledge

February is for Love.


Relationship tips on how to actually love someone properly, as well as taking time for yourself to be emotionally available. It was also to allow my residents to get the feel of how to deal with the stress of long distance. #Emotional.