Skipping Class Costs

BoardLetting the residents know how important it is to attend class everyday, we are all adults and should know how important it is to attend class, not only for the knowledge but for the cost coming out of our own pockets. I put up statistics of how much it costs to skip a class. #Occupational


Alex’s Lemonade Stand


On Wednesday, a resident of 5th Floor and I put on a program to raise money for pediatric cancer research. We sold Apple Cider on a chilly fall day, and were able to raise quite a bit of money. It was a good way to get some experience in the business world and show how investing in something can make a difference. It showed that there are many aspects to running a business. From planning and set up, to customer service and knowledge about purchasing patterns. It was wonderful to see many friendly faces, and even a few from 1W. Thanks for your continued support!

Resume Workshop

I hope you all enjoyed the resume vs CV program tonight. We had a member of The Academic and Career Advising Center stop by to give a presentation about resume and cover letter tips. She also talked about when to use a resume versus when a CV is necessary.

Life Skills/Hacks

I hope you all learned a little something from tonight’s life skills/hacks program in the lobby. We had RAs talking about many things from Bullet Journaling to Laundry to Tieing a Tie. These skills are all essential in a successful life outside of college.

United We Stand

Hey friends, I know that most of you couldn’t make it to the United We Stand speaker last night, but I wanted to tell you about it. Monti Washington came to our university to talk about following your life’s calling and achieving your goals both in your future careers and in your personal lives. He also talked about how everyone goes through things in their life, but we are not the stories that occur in our lives. We can succeed in spite of these challenges. 

Career Fair Prep Program

I hope you all enjoyed the career fair preparation program that Angela and I organized this year. With the career fair coming up, we decided to offer free resume printing on resume paper. We also had Jen Artz from the Department of Residence Life stop by to help you revise your resumes. Trapper Mitchell from ACAC also came by to give you all some career fair tips. If you liked this program, let me know and we can try to make it happen in the spring.

Career Fair Prep Program