Temple Grandin Lecture


IMG_4809Xiole(Alice), the other scholars, and I got to witness Temple Grandin explain the different ways people think, socialize, and interact with the outside world. She went on to talk about her battle with autism, and how anyone could survive in this world with a disability. As a kid, she was exposed to work, and she enforces that it is critical that people get work experience, because if we don’t work we’ll never figure out what we like and what we dislike. She said that she liked the distinguished lecturer, and she said that it was difficult to see the projector that Temple Grandin used for her pictures, as well as it was hard for to interpret what Ms. Grandin was saying because of the language barrier. But, overall Alice said that its a good thing that she helps animals and she also has a small interest in animals. Alice went on to tell me that there are a lot of autistic people in China as well. #Knowledge #Social


Get Out, Do More!


My “Get Out, Do More!” wall post consist of many activities that residents can do sine the weather is clearing up. Go out and see a movie, hike the “M,” or go and get BerryYo. I even posted two maps, so they will know exactly where they’re going. #APlaceToBelong

Pizza and Study Night

IMG_4218.jpgWhat an eventful night! My first program as an RA was a success. The residents enjoyed pizza and studied/did homework. Many residents got a lot of homework done and enjoyed home-made pizza bagels. #APlacetoBelong


Thank you to everyone who was able to come down to the space between the community room and the dumpsters to have a small bonfire with the Outdoor Adventure Club and Suite Forum. With finals quickly approaching, it was nice to be able to just hang out with everyone and just relax by the fire and make s’mores. Just a reminder that the suite forum is having a grill out this Sunday at 6:00pm  as a way to finish off our year. I hope to see you all there.

The Goonies!

Yesterday, our hall got together to watch a childhood cinematic favorite: The Goonies. This was a part of our new hall initiative with suite forum. Every other week on Wednesday, we will be holding a program and a short meeting featuring a CPR report and an RHA report so the residents in our building can be aware of what is going on across our campus. Be sure to check your emails regularly to stay up-to-date on what our next program will be.

Super Bowl Party

I hope that all of you who were able to make it to the super bowl party today had a good time. It was wonderful to be able to spend time together and watch the biggest professional football game of the season with friends.